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Sunday, July 19, 2009


Here is a little intro on what this blog will be about.
I have some projects in my mind to do. Projects for which micro-controllers are the best.
I'm not a novice in programming, but I'm totally n00b in micro-controllers. I have did a little research and found that coding for AVR (Atmel) micros is easier than for Pic (Microchip). And programmers for AVR are a bit cheaper. Second, I can use only usb programmers, because I have not any COM/LPT ports on my computers, and usb is more friendly. Third, I'm using Linux (Ubuntu), so I need development tools able to run under my os. That's all, I selected AVR and ARM in deep future :)
I will post here my findings, fails, code, etc, all about novice would come into.

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