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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Litmer: finished device

I took pictures of finished working device. I have removed 12v regulator from circuit because my main power changed from 14.4V power adapter to 12V lead-acid battery. So I don't need this regulator anymore. 5V regulator is still there.
Then you can see 2 capacitors near crystal, they are compensation capacitors for that crystal. DS1302 rtc clock is designed for 6pf load crystals, but I have only 12pf load crystal, that's why I place another 6pf of capacitors in parallel with crystal.
There is a led indicating when lights are on or off without pwm.

I have printed this pcb mirrored that's why I placed attiny25 and ds1302 on copper side of pcb along with smd resistors :)

Firmware code is available in my repository:
Compilled firmware size is 2046 bytes and attiny25 have 2048 bytes of flash, so I have 2 spare bytes for some futures to add :) Actually there are still some bugs, but there are no place to fix them. Some bugs already fixed in repository.

And here are the pictures:

Litmer project pcb

Litmer project pcb

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