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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Litmer: read eeprom and dev environment

So I call this project a Litmer.

Just done with my dev environment, it's Makefile, some scripts for read/write fuses, read/write eeprom, program script. I'm using avrdude programmer in Ubuntu 10.10.

I've set clock with fuses to 8MHz without CKDIV8 bit. And I've set EESAVE bit for preserving EEPROM erase while burning new firmware with avrdude.

Eeprom.bytes is default EEPROM bytes (128), which I will be using for time/timer setup for rtc.

Not much done for today.

All code revisions saved with Mercurial distributed revision control tool on hosting.
Take a look at the code at

I wrote a test program which checks if first EEPROM byte is set to 0x01 and turn on led on PB0 if it is.

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