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Sunday, October 13, 2013

TI LaunchPad RDA5807P (TEA5767) FM Radio inside a pc speaker

This is about my old project when I firstly received TI LaunchPad kits.

An encoder used for tuning to frequency. I'm using an encoder with push button which used as search function to auto tune in fm station. Couple of caps used for debounce..

I used old pc speakers, which already has amplifier inside and a transformet to power this fm radio. Just added 3.3v linear regulator in dead bug style.

I had RDA5807P fm radio module from china. RDA5807P is a clone of TEA5767 including i2c commands and functions etc. Read the datasheets for rda5807p and tea5767. Any similiar module will do.

I then wrote a driver for rda5807p and application code to control frequency with encoder etc. As for PLL tunning I had to precalculate a table for fm radio spectrum because my msp430 chips only had 2kb of flash.
Cram it all inside the speaker housing.

And the whole look.
Antenna wire goes out from speaker's "phase inverter" hole.

RDA5807P driver and application is open source and available at: TI LaunchPad FM Radio repository.