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Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Enhanced Gameboy Color Loud Sound mod

NEWGBAmp3 is available, includes headphones support (mute speaker).

New enhanced version of Gameboy Color quality loud sound mod is ready. It's called GBAmp2s. It's ready to order at

Difference with the previous version is that it is using different amplifier ic with more gain. Also it uses stereo audio signal from Gameboy. And you do not need to install additional capacitor to remove loud hiss/hum from the speaker. A bunch of quality capacitors already installed on the GBAmp2s mod pcb.

Bare and assempled pcbs:
And here how it looks installed in the Gameboy Color:

Yes there are couple more wires to get stereo audio to pcb. This new pcb design has all connections marked on silkscreen, so it's easier to install.

New pcbs are made by which service I will review later.


  1. This looks great and I can hardly wait for my order to arrive!
    If I was to also parallel the connections from the volume pot out to a prosound connector do you think the two mods would interfere with each other in any way?

    1. Thanks for your order :) They would not interfere if amplifier connected to prosound mod has similiar or higher input impedance. Usually it's ok, or volume can be a bit lower. I saw a gameboy modded with prosound and gbamp too with no problem.

  2. Hi there I just bought this sound mod piece and i'm excited!

    One question though. I'm very new to tinkering with electronics, but i heard that experimenting modding with game boy color is a good place to start. I've successfully installed a frontlight mod, but it uses those same solder points as pictured above, by the 'EM10' on the bottom right of the device. Is it possible to solder this sound mod onto different points, or can I not have the frontlight and the sound mod on the same device? Are there alternative points I can use? (sorry if i sound like a beginner and dont know the lingo, its because i am!)

    1. Hi there. There are other points but harder to use. You can use the same points as frontlight mod does, nothing wrong there. Just solder them together they will be happy :)

  3. Can't find the source.. Did you change the license?

    1. If you mean GBamp2s, it is available at